Coverbild Things We Said Today von Judith Zander, ISBN-978-3-423-14118-5
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Things We Said Today

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Western Pomeranian, 1999, in the small village of Bresekow. When old Frau Hanske dies, her daughter Ingrid flies in for the funeral with her family from Ireland. Ingrid had fled Bresekow many years ago. Her visit brings about many changes in the village, raising questions old and new, particularly for the Ploetz and Wachlowski families. The villagers start to talk about their present-day lives and their past entanglements. Bresekow was always a small world, narrow-minded and isolated – now it’s on the brink of decay.

Judith Zander gives three generations their voice. In doing so, she opens up a panorama reaching from the time immediately following World War II, through the years under the Communist German Democratic Republic, and all the way to the present. But this book is about far more than family stories. With powerful language and virtuoso narrative skill, the author tells of a tight-lipped community in North-Eastern Germany. It is a story about everyday living in the provinces, about friendship and betrayal, and about life itself.

  • Shortlist Ingeborg-Bachmann-Award 2010

  • 3sat-Award 2010

  • Shortlist German Book Prize 2010

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480 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14118-5
About the author
Portrait des Autors Judith Zander

Judith Zander

Judith Zander, born in 1980 in Anklam, Western Pomerania, and has been living in Berlin since leaving university. She works as a translator; her published poetry and prose texts have won her several awards, including the Wolfgang Weyrauch Stipend in 2009. “Things We Said Today” is her debut novel.
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