Coverbild All Solved?! von , ISBN-978-3-423-70612-4
Jürg Obrist

All Solved?!

With coloured illustrations by the author
Forty new cases to be solved together with Kalle Bohne and Gitta Gurke!

Kalle Bohne's and Gitta Gurke's fine nose is needed again. 40 new cases have to be solved on their desk: Who damaged the valuable paintings of the Countesses of Wutzelfeld and Kronlöcker with a beard's hair?
Where does Jolle Kodel, the impostor, hide? Who has disclosed Professor Schmierlich's top secret research results to a competitor? How does one put an end to Kurzum's game, the magician?

Questions over questions! Kalle and Gitta cannot possibly solve these cases alone, they need the help of all detectives over 9 years!

'All solved?!' is the follow-up to 'Case Closed?!'.
96 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70612-4

Rights sold: USA, France, Italy, Korea, China, Thailand, Estonia, Czech Republic
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