Coverbild Blogging Queen von Jutta Profijt, ISBN-978-3-423-21306-6

Blogging Queen

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Millie’s Magazine: cutting-edge couture…

Air stewardess Millie is really hacked off: with her 30th birthday drawing near, a serious ear infection has her grounded for weeks on end – when she’s longing to be up in the clouds.

To make up for it, a girlfriend offers Millie a job house-sitting her luxury penthouse and testing a new blogging website that’s under construction while she’s there. Millie quickly realises that her chance has come to indulge her secret passion for the styles and trends of fashion – and before long the blog’s trial run turns into a proper business venture. Millie’s Magazine is an instant web-sensation, taking the fashion world by storm. But then one fine day handsome cop Frank Stahl knocks on Millie’s door. He tells her he’s recognised an international fraudster from photos on her website – and she starts to panic. Determined to fight tooth and nail to hang onto her glamorous new virtual lifestyle, Millie gets tangled up in an increasingly outrageous web of lies.

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Jutta Profijt

Jutta Profijt

Jutta Profijt was born in 1967 in Ratingen, near Dusseldorf. After finishing school, she lived abroad, working in the import-export business, and coached both executives and students. Her first novel was published in 2003. Today she works as a freelance writer and translator (

Jutta Profijt

Erfahren Sie mehr über die erfolgreiche Bestsellerautorin der Kühlfach-Krimis, über die schräge Wohngemeinschaft der Villa Zucker und ihre spritzigen Frauenromane - inklusive Interviews, Videos und Leseproben.
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