Coverbild Prince Farming von Jutta Profijt, ISBN-978-3-423-21471-1

Prince Farming

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Love in the time of the energy saving lamp

Fresh out of university, 26-year-old Leonie lands a job as product manager for a leading wholesale butchery. It’s certainly not the coolest job in the world but at least it keeps her in daily contact with the man of her dreams – junior director Philip Steffen Siebendt, the owner’s son and her immediate boss. Meanwhile, Leonie’s brother Daniel, 34, is also making serious sacrifices in the pursuit of true love: in order to impress ecology student Svenja, he sets about transforming himself from successful international banker to eco-activist, a task he approaches with military precision. But before long, a major clash of interests causes the siblings to fall out – of all the places to stage a protest, Daniel has chosen Siebendt’s wholesale butchers! Leonie finds herself increasingly under pressure, and when her mother turns up on her doorstep announcing the end of her marriage, chaos reigns supreme…

    • Jutta Profijt once again guarantees sparkling, witty entertainment, complete with likeable characters and an action-packed story, laced with farcical touches and clever wordplay.

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Jutta Profijt

Jutta Profijt

Jutta Profijt was born in 1967 in Ratingen, near Dusseldorf. After finishing school, she lived abroad, working in the import-export business, and coached both executives and students. Her first novel was published in 2003. Today she works as a freelance writer and translator (

Jutta Profijt

Erfahren Sie mehr über die erfolgreiche Bestsellerautorin der Kühlfach-Krimis, über die schräge Wohngemeinschaft der Villa Zucker und ihre spritzigen Frauenromane - inklusive Interviews, Videos und Leseproben.

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