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Jutta Profijt

Together Can be Even Harder

There are new adventures in store for the likeable gang of senior squatters. Rosa (71), Konrad (72) and Leo (73) live in a dilapidated old villa, along with the money they have acquired by underhand means – money they intend to launder through a variety of fanciful ventures. When granddaughter Kim (14) discovers that Mardi – a fifteen-year-old asylum seeker who’s been hiding in the villa’s cellar – has a criminal past and is being hunted by rival gangs, she decides to help him without hesitation.

But unfortunately – and inevitably – the time comes when she has to involve her mother Ellen – and suddenly Ellen’s amorous flirtation with handsome Detective Superintendent Patrick Mittman looks like it might actually prove useful for one or two of the squatters! When a notice of eviction comes fluttering through the letterbox and the water and electricity supplies are cut off, the community is put to the test yet again.

• The tumultuous sequel to Anyone Can be Alone: unconventional plotting, plenty of action and humour, written in Jutta Profijt’s distinctive style – a heady mix of heart, humour and intelligence.

Press acclaim for Anyone Can be Alone

• My heart kept jumping for joy as I read this, because this German author writes so incredibly well. You’d be hard put to find more amusing entertainment.

368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21688-3
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