Coverbild The Storm Knight von Kai Lüftner, ISBN-978-3-95470-121-6

The Storm Knight

A Rage-and-Weather Picture Book

The sky darkens, the ground trembles—the Storm Knight is approaching! Every parent knows that a child’s tantrum can produce dramatics on a grandiose scale. In this striking picture book one such tantrum is represented as a wild weather ballad—under the auspices of the Storm Knight! He rages on behalf of all angry children; he lets the winds howl and the thunder roll. His fury is staggering and boundless. It’s all-embracing and eternal—until the tantrum is over...

This raging tempest is presented in compelling rhymes—accompanied by appropriately tempestuous illustrations.

• an important topic: dealing with—and accepting—anger and sudden mood swings
• forceful rhymes and compelling images

32 pages, Age 4 and up, ISBN 978-3-95470-121-6

Rights sold: Turkey
About the author

Kai Lüftner

Kai Lüftner lives for the moment and that’s how he makes his livelihood too. He is a jack-of-all-trades who has now found his feet as an author. A creative individualist, you can find him in the tattoo studio, on treasure hunts, practicing martial arts, in a bookstore, behind his desk, on stage and here: Lüftner lives in Berlin.
About the illustrator

Eva Muszynski

Eva Muszynski was born in 1962 in Berlin and studied visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. She initially illustrated adult comics before turning her hand to children's books in 1997, sometimes writing the stories as well. She lives with her family in Berlin.
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