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"S&M" - here it does not stand for sado-masochism, but for sea miles! And there are a thousand of them to be conquered when recreation sailors set out for the annual Ecker Cup. There's no time for reflection; only pure instinct will keep you afloat as the sea rages, the waves crash and the sea spray rolls over the surface of the water, making it look like marble. To Karl Forster, sailing is one of the most, if not the most, fantastic achievements of human intelligence: reigning over the elements, making the wind your servant. He tells us about brave blond skippers, vengeful bearded racers, scampering mice, guard dogs and perfectly mixed drinks to celebrate a successful journey.
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34294-0

Rights sold: Taiwan
About the author

Karl Forster

Karl Forster, born in Vilsbiburg in 1950, worked as a cultural journalist for the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG in Munich. He began sailing at the age of 16 on a Conger jolly like our ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt. He was infected by the salt-water sailing virus on a short visit to Yugoslavia. For over 25 years, the Greek islands have been his 'sailing home' with occasional side trips to the Western Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea. South of Munich, at the Starnberg Lake, he shares his 806 yacht 'Triangel' with his brother and a friend. Severest restriction on his trips: No newspaper on board!
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