Coverbild An Excellent Business von , ISBN-978-3-423-24988-1
Katharina Münk

An Excellent Business

“I’m just not naïve enough to believe in such an airy-fairy concept as the soul...“

Dr. Wilhelm Löhring, former inmate of the St. Ägidius mental home, is going through an acute crisis of meaning. His personal coach recommends the “Total Change of Outlook” programme, and from that point on Löhring starts helping the prisoner Kellermann with his business studies course. On a parole day Kellermann kidnaps his mentor and demands a huge ransom. But no one seems to want Löhring back, and he doesn’t have the money himself. Now the only person who can help is the asset manager Kesch, but he is found murdered in his office. Kesch’s striking resemblance to Kellermann offers a speedy resolution to the problem of the ransom money…

Press acclaim for
The Inmates:

The Inmates is written with a feather-light touch, beautifully contaminated with teeth-jarringly bombastic anglicisms — but for all that it’s scarily close to the reality of the economic meltdown.”

“Katharina Münk has succeeded in producing a delicious satire about managers on the edge of insanity. Just read it and laugh yourself silly.”

272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24988-1
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