Coverbild The Inmates von Katharina Münk, ISBN-978-3-423-24752-8

The Inmates

Four inmates of the St. Ägidius mental home revitalize their institution’s finances and then float it on the stock market. What can you expect, after all, from three former top executives and a former executive PA?

An ex-financial director, Dr. Wilhelm Löhring is convinced the clinic is his own company. And he intends to get his business back on track straightaway, with the help of the three other business experts. Everything is possible in the age of anonymous digital communication, especially when it’s coupled with the necessary financial reputation – so the clinic’s presence on the stock exchange turns out to be a raving success. At least to begin with…

A unique and as yet unparalleled contribution to the economic crisis, this book is a joy to read. Portrayed with affectionate irony, the characters are well rounded and utterly credible down to their genuine and utterly plausible mental disorders. The story is not only worked out to the last detail but above all hugely entertaining to the very end.

A droll and quirky satire that takes the financial world’s principle of “anything goes” to extremes

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Katharina Münk

Katharina Münk

Katharina Münk is a PA and the author of “And Tomorrow I’ll Kill Him! My Life as a PA to Top Management“(2006), which became a bestseller overnight.

Katharina Münk

Erfahren Sie mehr über die ehemalige Chefsekretärin und Bestsellerautorin sowie ihre satirischen, unterhaltsamen Romane.
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