Coverbild Hamdi. At Home in Beirut von Katrien Hoekstra, ISBN-978-3-941411-24-1

Hamdi. At Home in Beirut

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Hamdi is sure of one thing: he wants to be a goalkeeper when he grows up. His big sister Zeina is happy to practice with him. But that’s all over when she gets married. Her husband Ali is a strict Muslim and doesn’t want a wife who plays football. From now on Zeina even has to wear a veil. Hamdi’s liberal family starts arguing more and more – until one day Israeli bombs fall on Beirut and everyone’s lives change…

A true story of everyday life in Lebanon through the eyes of a young football lover – a book full of vivid intensity despite all life’s crises, illustrated with brilliant, lively pictures.

All rights available except Dutch language.

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96 pages, Age 7 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-24-1

Rights sold: Denmark
About the author

Katrien Hoekstra

Katrien Hoekstra, born 1971, has lived in Cairo, Beirut and East Jerusalem, working as a freelance journalist. On her return to the Netherlands she helped set up the children’s newspaper KidsWeek. Katrien Hoekstra is now a freelance writer working on stage plays, film and television scripts and children’s books. She lives in Amsterdam with her family.
About the illustrator

André Martini

André Martini, born 1975, studied art in Halle. Alongside illustration, graphic art, painting and comics, he has a passion for cartoons and animated films. He lives in Leipzig.
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