Coverbild A Postcard to Happiness von Katrin Einhorn, ISBN-978-3-423-21925-9
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A Postcard to Happiness

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Come in and burn out

In his mid-thirties, Jakob is a marketing expert and an incorrigible workaholic - a classic candidate for burnout. A Slow Movement center in a sleepy coastal village in Spain seems to be just the ticket for him - at least, that is what his sister thinks. Jakob grudgingly agrees to go, but intends to spend the whole time working. However, he makes these plans without reckoning with his pretty therapist Mona.
Mud and neuropathy treatments, discussion groups, cell phone prohibitions, and the constant sound of the waves are Jakob’s worst nightmare. But then an old song he hears in a harbor bar suddenly whisks him back to a past he long thought he had forgotten, one in which his old penpal Flora had also belonged…
Erscheint am 22.05.2020
About the author
Portrait des Autors Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn was born in 1979. After studying German and French she went on to work as a teacher. She lives in Trier with her family and uses the hours her children sleep to write her charming and witty novels.
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