Coverbild Midhusbandry von Katrin Einhorn, ISBN-978-3-423-21563-3


Nils, 27, lives for his drum kit and his rock band, getting by as a hearing-aid dispenser’s assistant while he waits for his big break. In the meantime, his relationship is in a state of crisis. Charlotte loves her job as a midwife, her chipmunk Maya—and of course Nils—but she’s demanding more of his time and she’s started talking about having a baby. But for Nils a long-awaited gig at the Cologne rock-week festival takes top priority, and it’s only when Charlotte dumps him that he realises how much she really means to him. Nils can see only one way of getting her back: he’ll have to sign on as a trainee at Charlotte’s clinic and become Cologne’s first male midwife…

About the author
Portrait des Autors Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn was born in 1979. After studying German and French she went on to work as a teacher. Her debut novel is inspired by her experiences with her dog Maggie and her old blue moped. She lives in Trier with her family.

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Katrin Einhorn: Sand in Sicht

1 Mathematiker, 661 Beziehungstage und 1 Liebe auf Abwegen. Alles über Katrin Einhorns romantisch-witzigen Urlaubsschmöker!

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