Coverbild Cold Eyes von Katrin Stehle, ISBN-978-3-423-78238-8

Cold Eyes

While on a school trip, Kira is out alone in Berlin at night – and she gets completely lost. Luckily someone comes to her rescue. Gunnar seems to be her soulmate. She loves his romantic emails, so it takes a while for Kira to notice his strong possessive streak. Gradually she begins to suspect he has been stalking her for years, but at first she doesn’t have the courage to end things. When she eventually decides to break away from this unsettling relationship, it is too late: all of a sudden she’s caught up in a murder case and her life is in Gunnar’s hands…

A fast-paced psychological thriller that starts out as a mysterious love story and ends in nerve-jangling suspense.

224 pages, Age 14 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-78238-8

Rights sold: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
About the author

Katrin Stehle

Katrin Stehle, born in 1972, lives in Berlin where she works as a freelance writer and lecturer at a Social Sciences Institute.

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