Coverbild Hyperactivity and Concentration Disorders von Gerhard W. Lauth, Kerstin Naumann, Peter F. Schlottke, ISBN-978-3-423-34356-5

Hyperactivity and Concentration Disorders

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Do you have a fidgety child? One who cannot concentrate on one activity for an extended period of time, one who reacts in a flighty way and can never sit still?

Hyperactivity and concentration disorders seem to have become a common illness among children these days. Parents do not know whether their children are simply lively or actually affected by a disorder.

The present guidebook presents a proficient and comprehensive description of the disorder and names the possible causes, which are not necessarily to be found in a child's upbringing. The book gives guidelines on how to handle and solve the problem within the family or how to find help from outside, and it describes effective methods of treatment.

The extensive appendix of the book contains a questionnaire to analyze the behaviour of a child.
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240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34356-5

Rights sold: Denmark, Taiwan, PR China, Croatia
About the author

Gerhard W. Lauth

Gerhard W.Lauth is professor of psychology and psychotherapy at Cologne University. He is head of the department of clinical development psychology where afflicted children are treated. Peter F. Schlottke is a member of the department of clinical and physiological psychology at Tübingen University, and, at the same time, director of the department psychology within the Institute of philosophy, paedagogics and psychology at Stuttgart University. Kerstin Naumann is a scientific member of the department of clinical development psychology at Cologne University and takes care of disturbed and hyperactive children at the ambulance there.
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