Coverbild You Can See Just as Well with your Ears! von Kerstin Unseld, ISBN-978-3-423-64019-0

You Can See Just as Well with your Ears!

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Life’s twice as nice with music!

This is the story of Mathis and Muks. Mathis is eleven and has especially keen hearing because he is blind. With his four-legged friend Muks by his side, he experiences life and music with such intensity that it feels like the two of them are always on the same wavelength. But actually Muks isn’t always that thrilled with Mathis’s musical taste, which makes interchange difficult. Muks prefers a nice long ramble through the park chasing squirrels. Mathis thinks Muks is a total philistine, but Muks knows that a self-respecting dog just doesn’t find music all that thrilling. Or maybe that’s not true. Because when all is said and done, best friends usually like the same things.

• A musical journey through time. For every piece of music there’s a relevant period of history that makes both come alive!
• Includes a comprehensive index with musicians’ biographies and glossary

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180 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-64019-0
About the author
Portrait des Autors Kerstin Unseld

Kerstin Unseld

Kerstin Unseld studied musicology, German and music journalism. She worked as a music editor at Bayerischer Rundfunk (the Bavarian State Broadcasting Station) for many years before moving on to SWR (South Western Broadcasting Corporation) in 2005. She also headed the Institute for Music Communication at the Detmold Music Academy until 2015. She lives in Karlsruhe.
About the illustrator

Leonard Erlbruch

Leonard Erlbruch was born in 1984. He studied illustration in Leipzig, where he still lives.
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