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Some see the creature as a miracle, others as the new messiah. Still more view him as a thug, a lethal weapon. Either way, they all want a piece of him. Mingus the Lion Man: he’s emerged from the woods with no idea of his uniqueness. And he’s brought a girl with him – Nin, who disappeared from the city many years ago – but no one believes her when she insists that Mingus is her rescuer, not her kidnapper. With everyone on his tail, he finds supporters – but they all seem out to exploit him for their own ends. In the final analysis Mingus and Nin want only one thing – to find each other again and go back to the place where they were both happy. In a sinister world surrounded by enemies, they can’t afford to give up hope...

A highly atmospheric dystopian thriller: intricate, complex, and crafted with stylistic aplomb.

Press acclaim:

“Mingus is a character reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren’s Mio, living in a world evocative of a Philip K Dick novel. Keto von Waberer has a keen sense of the dangers we face as well as our means of redemption… a superb novel.” Georg Oswald

“A modernist fairytale: sinister, seductive and deeply moving.” Friedrich Ani

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300 pages, Age 14 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-24937-9

Rights sold: France
About the author
Portrait des Autors Keto von Waberer

Keto von Waberer

Keto von Waberer was born in Augsburg in 1942 and studied architecture in Munich and Mexico. A writer with numerous awards to her name, she has also gained acclaim as a translator from Spanish and English. In addition she teaches creative writing at the Munich University of Film and Television.
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