Coverbild The Poopophant von Klaus Cäsar Zehrer, Effilee, ISBN-978-3-941411-33-3

The Poopophant

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Who’s large and blue and always gentle

And does good things, quite accidental?

Well, who is it then? After all, every child already knows what they produce: a huge heap. But unlike many small children, the Poopophant is allowed to put his productions to good use – and he’s incredibly proud of them, too. He builds the biggest sandcastles, helps children find their way out of the woods and douses flames with the fire brigade, to name only a few of his good deeds.

No other picture-book hero has ever made his mark with such cheerful and unrestrained insouciance. An old-fashioned style adds to his charm – rhymes of simple elegance, complemented by astute and inviting pictures that are anything but icky.

The first-ever and best-ever toilet reading for all kids who are getting ready to move on from nappies.

  • loveable hero who is bound to strike a chord with the little ones

  • humorous rhymes for the transition from nappies to toilet – or for reading anywhere else as well

  • a celebration of children’s anarchic unrestrained pride in their own poo

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32 pages, Age 2 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-33-3

Rights sold: Korea
About the author

Klaus Cäsar Zehrer

Klaus Cäsar Zehrer was born in 1969 in Schwabach, near Nuremberg in Bavaria, and now lives and works as a full-time author and editor in Berlin. His works include Light and Fast, the bestselling anthology of German humorous poetry, compiled and edited in collaboration with Robert Gernhardt. When he’s not writing, Klaus Cäsar Zehrer can be found playing centrefield in the German National Writer’s Football Team.
About the illustrator


FIL, born in 1966, is an archetypal Berliner and a former punk. He won the Berliner Morgenpost’s writing competition at the tender age of ten, and at 14 published his first cartoons in Zitty, the Berlin city magazine. Alongside his work as an illustrator, he has been a successful stand-up comedian and singer since 1992, and has numerous cartoons, CDs and a DVD to his name. Read more on
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