Coverbild Battlefield Europe, 1618-1648 von Klaus-Rüdiger Mai, ISBN-978-3-423-28142-3
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Battlefield Europe, 1618-1648

The Thirty Years’ War as Told through Unique Source Materials

Sensational eyewitnesses to the Thirty Years’ War

The Thirty Years’ War: unparalleled catastrophe, end of an era, the starting point of modern Europe. Once the dust settled, what was left behind were plundered villages and cities, desolate landscapes, and wounded souls. It took a century for the war’s traces to be healed. Christian von Anhalt-Bernburg and his son Christian II stand at the heart of this book, as governors for the prince-electors and political leaders in the Electoral Palatinate. Both of them kept diaries, and almost every day between 1618 and 1650 is documented within their pages. The writers recorded everything from ordinary, daily events to high-level political activities, festivities, trips, difficult negotiations, and the misery of the general populace. To supplement these accounts, the author references court files and church records, highlighting certain connections and bringing the reader as close as possible to the historical events.

- 2018: 400th anniversary of the outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War
- A rich, colorful portrait via eyewitness accounts
- One-of-a-kind, partially yet-unpublished primary sources
- With illustrations

400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28142-3
About the author
Portrait des Autors Klaus-Rüdiger Mai

Klaus-Rüdiger Mai

Klaus-Rüdiger Mai, D.Phil. in German Studies, History, and Philosophy, lives with his family in Berlin, where he works as a freelance author.
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