Coverbild Fickle Teens and Fish in Batter von Krischan Koch, ISBN-978-3-423-25425-0
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Fickle Teens and Fish in Batter

Problematic pirates, perspicacious parrots, terrible teens and a chilled corpse....

Thies Detlefsen’s twin daughters Telje and Tadje take the boat to Amrum for the annual autumn school trip, chaperoned by their class teacher Dr Niggermeier and “super-cute” student teacher Manuel Scholz, who is sporting a dashing pirate’s headscarf. The crossing is extremely stormy but that doesn’t stop the kids from taking endless selfies—until one of them discovers the body of young shipping magnate Bent Blankenhorn on the upper deck! It’s all systems go for Thies and Detective Chief Superintendent Nicole Stappenbek, who immediately begin investigations on an island shrouded beneath a dense blanket of autumnal fog.

Erscheint am 13.03.2020
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-25425-0
About the author

Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch was born in 1953 in Hamburg, where he works as a film critic for the NDR (North German Broadcasting Corporation) and "Die Zeit" amongst others. He and his wife livesin Hamburg and also on the North Sea island of Amrum, where he has the perfect view on the North Sea mud-flats and writes his successful crime novels.

Krischan Koch

Erfahren Sie mehr über Krischan Koch und seine liebswert-skurrilen Küstenkrimis von der Nordsee! Mit Hintergruninformation, Autoreninterview und allen Lesungsterminen. 

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