Coverbild Spiked Fruit Jelly von Krischan Koch, ISBN-978-3-423-21433-9
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Spiked Fruit Jelly

A seaside crime novel

The village of Fredenbüll on the coast of Northern Frisia boasts three breakwaters, a population of 176 (including a blue-blooded family), 600 sheep (organically raised, of course!), the Hansen bakery, Alexandra’s hairdressing salon, the Hidde Kist inn, a fire brigade and a police station headed by Sergeant Thies Detlefsen. This tiny outpost of the law is hanging on by the skin of its teeth, threatened with closure by bureaucratic penny-pinchers in the Ministry of the Interior, so Sergeant Detlefsen does his utmost to keep the district crime rate as high as he can. Behind every dead sheep he scents the work of eco-activists and is inclined to suspect every parking offender of being a potential suicide bomber. But then one day eco-farmer Brodersen is found mutilated by his own combine harvester in the most unappetizing fashion. At the same time, the wife of insurance agent Ketels disappears without trace. Is peaceful little Fredenbüll in reality a hotbed of crime? ….

"Koch has a special knack of portraying offbeat characters with subtle humour."

- Brigitte

272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21433-9
About the author
Portrait des Autors Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch lives close to the water: in Hamburg, where he works as a film critic for the NDR (North German Broadcasting Corporation), and also on the North Sea island of Amrum.

Krischan Koch

Erfahren Sie mehr über Krischan Koch und seine liebswert-skurrilen Küstenkrimis von der Nordsee! Mit Hintergruninformation, Autoreninterview und allen Lesungsterminen. 

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