Coverbild The Pickled Herring Squad von Krischan Koch, ISBN-978-3-423-21583-1
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The Pickled Herring Squad

Just in time to prevent Sergeant Thies Detlefsen’s boredom turning into a serious case of autumn blues, the tiny North Frisian village of Fredenbüll takes on a new lease of (criminal) life. Three bank robbers from the dusty wanted poster in Thies’s office hold up the bank in Schlütthörn, the neighbouring village. From that point on, events follow hot on each other’s heels: Grandma Ahlbeck is taken hostage, a female client of the bank is killed, a large sum of money is stolen and the robbers are on the run. But they don’t get very far, because all of a sudden Fredenbüll becomes the centre of a series of strange events...

Following on from Spiked Fruit Jelly and North Sea Shrimps, this is the third volume of the detective series starring Thies Detlefsen, a country policeman in the sleepy North Frisian seaside community of Fredenbüll.

  • Original, whacky and offbeat: a crime novel brimming with spot-on humour

288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21583-1
About the author
Portrait des Autors Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch lives close to the water: in Hamburg, where he works as a film critic for the NDR (North German Broadcasting Corporation), and also on the North Sea island of Amrum.

Krischan Koch

Erfahren Sie mehr über Krischan Koch und seine liebswert-skurrilen Küstenkrimis von der Nordsee! Mit Hintergruninformation, Autoreninterview und allen Lesungsterminen. 

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