Coverbild Älgskit! von Lars Simon, ISBN-978-3-423-21508-4
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Gödseltorp: a primal experience. Crazed villagers, fleece-lined wellingtons and a farcical treasure hunt.

You're never too young for a midlife crisis: following a radical form of male-oriented primal therapy, mid-30s Torsten Brettschneider is determined to turn his life inside out. He quits his job and decides to move to the farmstead he has inherited in central Sweden. He reckons it’s the perfect place to finally fulfil his long-held dream of becoming a writer – but Tanja, his girlfriend, is not at all taken with the idea and makes off with his therapist instead. Once he’s arrived in the land of the elk, Torsten's vision soon turns into a nightmare, as the entire village seems to have gone mad with everyone frantically searching for some kind of “hidden treasure". When Torsten's infuriating father comes to visit, things threaten to get totally out of hand. Älgskit! What an unholy mess! Will Torsten manage to get out of this muddle halfway intact…?

About the author
Portrait des Autors Lars Simon

Lars Simon

Lars Simon was born in '68 (which may explain a lot, but not everything); after his studies, he spent many long years working as marketing manager of an IT company before moving to Sweden, where he resided as a tourist artisan in a wooden house with his family for more than six years. He has recently returned to live in the Frankfurt area.

Lars Simon: Abenteuer mit Torsten und Rainer

Erfahren Sie mehr über Lars Simon und seine Comedy-Reihe aus dem schwedischen Ort Gödseltorp .


Lars Simon: Lennart Malmkvist und der ziemlich seltsame Mops des Buri Bolmen

Ein Mann, auf dem ein Fluch lastet, und ein Mops mit geheimnisvollen Fähigkeiten begeben sich auf eine fantastische Reise.

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