Coverbild Gustafsson’s Jul von Lars Simon, ISBN-978-3-423-21695-1

Gustafsson’s Jul

A Swedish Christmas Story

A magical Christmas in snowy Sweden

“The painting was once again hanging in the hallway, in the exact same spot where he had hung it up all those years ago. She had passed away three months later. After that, he could no longer bear to look at it, but now it warmed his heart. It made Carl-Johann feel something he could not really explain…”

Ten years ago, Carl-Johann Gustafsson (81) withdrew from his family, but now he would like this to change. He wants to celebrate Christmas with his family on his estate, just like he had done in the past. His children and grandchildren reluctantly accept the invitation. They have not been close for years, but nobody wants to miss out on anything. Besides, they might learn about how their inheritance is going to be split up among them… Things do not turn out the way anyone expects, but fortunately, the heart of the household, Alfred the servant, is pulling the strings. And Santa Claus is also sneaking around the house, which can only help things at Christmas.

- A Swedish Christmas fairy tale full of emotion and even more snow
- A patriarch, a divided family - and an unexpected reconciliation on Christmas

About the author
Portrait des Autors Lars Simon

Lars Simon

Lars Simon was born in '68 (which may explain a lot, but not everything); after his studies, he spent many long years working as marketing manager of an IT company before moving to Sweden, where he resided as a tourist artisan in a wooden house with his family for more than six years. He has recently returned to live in the Frankfurt area.

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