Coverbild Four Shades of Fidelity von Lea Singer, ISBN-978-3-423-21154-3

Four Shades of Fidelity

Salzburg 1935 - a hot summer. Three years before Austria's annexation, the festival city is promoting itself as a tranquil retreat. In Leopoldskron Castle, an assortment of remarkable people gather together, all connected by the threat of Hitler they face at present, but also by events in their past: Max Reinhardt and Helene Thimig, Alma Mahler-Werfel and Franz Werfel, Eleonora von Mendelssohn and her brother Francesco. They are joined by the elderly but nonetheless sexually insatiable Maestro Toscanini, an international star and notorious womaniser, an antifascist who is himself a tyrant.

Based on real life events, Leas Singer crafts a politically and psychologically charged yet intimate drama, recreating the events of that summer in a manner rich in atmosphere and poignancy.

The Salzburg Festival in 1935, and already there is a palpable sense of impending catastrophe. A drama about love, jealousy and morphine.

222 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21154-3
About the author

Lea Singer

Lea Singer studied art history, music and literature. Primarily an author of non-fiction books and a journalist, she lives in Munich.

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