Coverbild The Real Lives of Farm Animals von Lena Zeise, ISBN-978-3-95470-240-4

The Real Lives of Farm Animals

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How do farm animals really live?

The lives of farm animals no longer look anything like what is depicted in most picture books. Laughing piglets and joyously frolicking cows on green meadows? Not quite. It is high time for children to have an honest fact book about this very popular topic.

In her masterful photo-realistic painting style, Lena Zeise introduces the major livestock animals. We see cows, pigs and chickens in modern barn facilities as are now typical on conventional farms, as well as animals being raised on more eco-friendly farms. The accompanying text is serious and objective. The book shows not only the living conditions of animals, but also the connections that exist between the animals’ lives and the daily decisions we make about the food we consume.

  • Finally an honest picture book about farm life
  • Impressive, factually accurate illustrations
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40 pages, Age 7 and up, ISBN 978-3-95470-240-4
About the author

Lena Zeise

Lena Zeise, born in 1992, studied design and illustration at the Polytechnical College of Münster. Since completing her degree, she has worked as an illustrator, designer and author. She primarily focuses on children’s and nonfiction books, and since her childhood, the drawing of animals has been her great passion.
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