Coverbild Sweet Occupation von Lizzie Doron, ISBN-978-3-423-26150-0

Sweet Occupation

“If you look your enemy in the eye, he’s no longer your enemy.”

Five men in their middle years: convicted former terrorists Muhammad, Suleiman and Jamil from the occupied territories and Israeli refuseniks Chen and Amil. Five former prisoners who founded the Peace Movement after their release, determined to give their lives a distinctly new direction.

It was Muhammad who approached Lizzie Doron in the first instance, but she would come to meet them all—enemies and adversaries turned allies; Palestinians who wanted to kill Jews and Israelis who refused to defend their country. She met with them over the course of a year, and the result is a moving document about former radicals who came to represent a perspective that remains steadfast against senseless hatred. Words are more powerful than Molotov cocktails, hand grenades or stones. And it’s often those who swim against the tide who offer the best hope of salvation.

• a compelling plea for a turnaround in Middle Eastern politics
• based on real life interviews with former terrorists

• Lizzis Doron is a writer in the tradition of Svetlana Alexijevitch and combines the intense voices of oral history with the dramatic composition of a novel

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208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26150-0
About the author
Portrait von Lizzie Doron

Lizzie Doron

Lizzie Doron was born in 1953 in Tel Aviv. She studied linguistics before becoming a writer. Her first novel Ruhige Zeiten (Quiet Times) won the Buchman prize, and in 2007 she was awarded the Jeanette Schocken prize. Critics celebrate her as an outstanding and distinctive narrator who instils personal experience with universal significance, condensing it into poignant, emotionally charged novels.

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