Coverbild The Second World War von Lothar Gruchmann, Martin Broszat (Ed.), Helmut Heiber (Ed.), ISBN-978-3-423-34172-1

The Second World War

Warfare and Politics
The deepest division to have occurred in the history of the 20th Century was undoubtedly the Second World War. The aggression of Germany and its allies Italy and Japan compelled the remaining powers to enter into an »unnatural alliance« despite their conflicting interests.

Rather than giving a detailed account of military campaigns in Europe, Africa and Asia, Lothar Gruchmann focuses on that central underlying dilemma – hegemony or the balance of power – and explores the political background and its effect on military events, as well as examining the consequences for the post war order.
560 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34172-1

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About the author

Lothar Gruchmann

Lothar Gruchmann was born in 1929 and worked at the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich from 1960 to 1992, producing numerous publications on contemporary history. In 2002 he received an honorary doctorate from the law faculty at Munich University for his research into National Socialist juridical history.
About the publisher

Martin Broszat

Prof. Martin Broszat, born 1926 in Leipzig, has been working at the Munich Institute for Contemporary History since 1956 and became its director in 1972. Other posts include: guest professor at Oxford in 1966; honorary professor at the Universities of Constance (1972 - 1980) and Munich (since 1980). Numerous publications, among them "Der Staat Hitlers".
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