Coverbild Seals In Danger! von , ISBN-978-3-423-07719-4
Luisa Hartmann

Seals In Danger!

dtv Tiger Eye - Wetlands

Lukas is bored to tears. He was looking forward to going to Ibiza, but instead he’s spending his holidays with his family on the Wadden Sea island of Spiekeroog. Things take a turn for the better when he meets up with Onno, a local boy, and they go exploring together. Lukas is soon hiking along the mudflats, sailing kites and watching birds hatch – he has to admit there’s loads of interesting stuff to do here after all! Then one day there is an accident: not far off the East Frisian Islands, a container ship collides with a passenger ship. It’s impossible to tell how bad the damage is as yet, but there could be an oil spillage. That would mean catastrophe for the island’s wildlife…

Tiger Eye stories are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls on the favourite themes of young readers of nine-plus.

The authors and illustrators know their subject areas inside out and manage to slip factual information suitable for the readership age into their thrilling stories. Varied page layouts and a high number of illustrations (e.g. “spot the…” picture puzzles, area maps, mazes, cross sections etc.) invite browsing, amazement and discovery.

128 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-07719-4

Rights sold: Turkey
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