Coverbild The Little Boy and The Beast von Marcus Sauermann, ISBN-978-3-941411-49-4

The Little Boy and The Beast

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Any parents currently living apart should be advised to have a kleenex ready before they start reading. “When your Mum has turned into a beast, a lot of things change.” is the laconic beginning of this book. A little boy tells about the time when his mother has become sad and disgruntled, in short: a beast . Having a beast as your mother does have its advantages, though: it’s easier to sneak in some sweets at the supermarket checkout or to win the football match in the yard. At night, the beast slips into his bed, which is very comfy. But also cramped. And on many evenings, he has to console the beast instead of having fun with it.

How long does this “monstrousness” last? With beautifully sad and funny pictures and accompagnied by sparse sentences, the little boy tells how the heart-rending and adorable beast slowly reverts back to being his mum.

Based on a short film (by the makers of the Gruffalo-film) which has been showered with international awards, this book depicts the emotions of a child of divorced parents in a heart-warming, playful and appealing manner.

Tears right into your heart and is the

picture-book to have on the topic “divorce”.

  • For all children with “beasts” of their own - and their parents

  • Emotional pictures full of wit, vigour and sadness

  • A book to laugh about, cry about and to take comfort in

Film Awards (selection):

- Best screenplay (Goldener Spatz), Germany

- Cristal-Award for best TV-Production (Festival Annecy), France

- Best Children’s Picture (Cartoons on the Bay-Festival), Italy

- Golden Magnolia Award Shanghai 2010, PR China

- Encounters International Film Festival 2010 / Animated Encounters Grand Prix & Young People's Jury Award, UK

- Cartoon d'Or 2011 (Best European Animated Short Film)

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32 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-49-4

Rights sold: Spain, Norway, Russia, PR China, Turkey, Denmark
About the author
Portrait des Autors Marcus Sauermann

Marcus Sauermann

Marcus Sauermann, born 1967, studied Psychology, German, film and all the other stuff that makes you become an author because you find no other job. As such he writes screenplays for children’s television, short stories for adults and - if he is lucky - picture books for everybody. He lives with his family of seven near Stuttgart.

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