Coverbild And What If I Fall? von Marie-Thérèse Schins, ISBN-978-3-423-78165-7

And What If I Fall?

Facing Sadness with Courage
'The blues', depression, the feeling that nothing makes sense. A touch of melancholy or pure misery. Lover's grief, the pain of separation. Everybody knows these feelings of sadness. What is a good way to deal with them? It is not easy, certainly not in a performance and success-orientated society in which coolness and relaxation is the trend, and sadness taboo. And this applies to very normal everyday gloominess. What happens when there is a real reason for it, a separation, the breakup of a family or the death of someone close?

In this reader, young people talk about their experiences. How did they feel during the crisis, what was the worst part, who helped and consoled them? Which ways of fighting their sadness proved successful, which led them in the wrong direction? How did friends and parents react? Mourners are often very lonely because people tend to withdraw from them, feeling helpless and frightened of sadness. Failure to talk things over and confront your problems, however, is the wrong approach. If you can deal with your feelings in a constructive way, you can grow stronger from the experience. Although it is terrible to 'fall', it is good to let yourself be supported and consoled. Having experienced sadness may, the long run, result in strength, self-confidence and a new joy of living, as one comes to appreciate from the texts in this book.
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78165-7
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