Coverbild Lichtenstein’s - Department Store of Dreams von Marlene Averbeck, ISBN-978-3-423-26269-9

Lichtenstein’s - Department Store of Dreams

Lichtenstein Trilogy Vol. I

Where dreams are at home

“There it was again - that inner trembling, the flickering anticipation, the burgeoning pride. This was where the heart of Berlin’s fashion world beat.”

1913. In the heart of Berlin, Lichtenstein’s offers a wide assortment of items, mainly in the category of respectable women’s clothing. The small department store is a diverse microcosm in which the paths of vastly different people cross. Shop girl Hedi plunges into the world of fashion, while seamstress Thea only has eyes for Ludwig, the younger Lichtenstein son, who wishes to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, his brother Jacob has big plans for how he will lead Lichtenstein’s into the future against the overwhelming competition within the city. Despite widespread resistance, he starts to implement his ideas. But then Lichtenstein’s goes up in flames - along with the livelihood of all its employees and owners ...

  • The dramatic opening to an epic trilogy about a Berlin department store
  • Lichtenstein’s and the people connected to it form a shimmering world full of wishes, hopes and fears
  • For readers of Anne Jacobs and Carmen Korn, and fans of series like Downton Abbey
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480 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26269-9

Rights sold: Italy
About the author

Marlene Averbeck

Marlene Averbeck studied German literature, in addition to theater/film/television studies, in college. She works as a freelance author and a researcher for film and television productions. She lives with her family in Berlin.

Das Lichtenstein

Willkommen im Warenhaus ›Das Lichtenstein‹ im Herzen Berlins. In diesem vielfältigen Mikrokosmos, in dem unterschiedlichste Menschen und Schicksale aufeinandertreffen, bleibt kaum ein Wunsch offen!

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