Coverbild 0070: Murder in Hangzhou von Marlies Ferber, ISBN-978-3-423-21522-0

0070: Murder in Hangzhou

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Once again retired spy James Gerald (70) is called on to help out by his former employer, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). His undercover mission is to ascertain who is sabotaging the Chinese tea trade and is responsible for countless poisonings. Of course James doesn’t mention any of this to his girlfriend Sheila (67), telling her only that he is going to the wedding of an old Chinese friend’s daughter. In China it soon becomes clear to James that he is not only treading on politically sensitive ground but also finds himself pitted against a highly intelligent and deadly dangerous adversary. And then, to top it all, he very nearly suffers cardiac arrest when he catches sight of a beaming Sheila getting out of a taxi right outside his hotel in Hangzhou!

  • an intelligently written, extremely absorbing cosy crime caper set on British lines and featuring many fascinating insights into the country, people and customs of China

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320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21522-0
About the author
Portrait des Autors Marlies Ferber

Marlies Ferber

Marlies Ferber was born in 1967 and studied sinology. She worked as an editor and now lives in the Ruhr Valley with her husband and two children, working as a freelance author and translator.

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