Coverbild Accuratus² von Martin Baltscheit, ISBN-978-3-941411-20-3


Swing and Pacifier
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Toddler anarchy in person – Accuratus, the little robot

The little robot Accuratus is new on Planet Earth. His full name is Accuratus² - because he’s two years old. Like any two-year-old, Accuratus is curious and full of ideas, and naturally his very own world revolves around him. And that’s just how he marches out of his rocket and looks around Earth. Now he comes across a swing. He wants to push it away but it keeps coming back, even knocking him over (‘Bong!’). A little girl shows him how to swing. He tries to copy her – and she laughs so much her pacifier falls out of her mouth.

Simple picture stories in glowing colours for the very young, all about the many adventures to be had when you’re new on Planet Earth. Presented by a cuddly character you can’t fail to like – who does plenty of things wrong, gets plenty of things muddled up and speaks his very own gobbledygook. But there are a few things he can do much better than his two-year-old human friends. And he’s so strong – as strong as a robot.

Very first picture stories for the very young: for great fun recognising familiar items, spotting mistakes, laughing in amazement and telling new stories.

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32 pages, Age 2 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-20-3

Rights sold: France, Spain (cast.)
About the author

Martin Baltscheit

Martin Baltscheit, born in Düsseldorf in 1965, studied communication design in Essen. He has since worked as a comic artist, illustrator, actor, and an author of children’s books, prose, radio and theatre plays. He has won numerous awards for his work. Martin Baltscheit lives in Düsseldorf.
About the illustrator

Ulf K.

Ulf K. was born in Oberhausen in 1969 and studied communication design at the University of Essen. He lives with his family in Düsseldorf, working as a comic artist and an illustrator of children’s books. He has also been a freelance artist for magazines and advertising for several years.

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