Coverbild What Nonsense! von Martina Badstuber, ISBN-978-3-95470-123-0

What Nonsense!

Don’t believe everything your parents tell you…

Eating spinach will make you strong! If you don’t eat up it’ll rain! Your eyes will go square if you watch too much television! Children have to put up with this kind of nonsense from their parents every day. Parents tell their children lies because they don’t know any better or to teach them to either do or stop doing something. Not anymore! What Nonsense! unmasks twelve of the most common and outrageous adult myths in a witty, child-friendly manner—with the help of hilarious illustrations.

• The facts behind parental flights of fancy—for know-alls of all ages.

32 pages, Age 5 and up, ISBN 978-3-95470-123-0
About the author

Martina Badstuber

Martina Badstuber was born in 1972 in Ravensburg; she studied communication design after initially training as a decorator. She has worked as a writer and illustrator for various publishers since 2004, and her books have been translated worldwide. She lives near Ravensburg with her husband, daughter, son and a tomcat by the name of August-Dieter-Löwe.
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