Coverbild Friends of the Night von Matthias Morgenroth, ISBN-978-3-423-76116-1

Friends of the Night

Being friends with Lea is rather special. She always has the craziest ideas – and she can always rely on her friend Jojo to help put them into action. But when she turns up in his garden on Midsummer’s Night urging him to make a celebratory solstice fire on the banks of the river, he immediately senses that what lies in store for them this time is out of the ordinary; more serious than anything they’ve done before. Can wishes really come true in the magic of Midsummer’s Night? Lea claims they can. On a quest for the answer the two of them get caught up in a risky adventure: the night comes alive - and if it wasn’t for Jojo at her side, Lea could easily have lost herself in it forever because Jan van Monden and the other Creatures of the Night would have been only too happy to turn her into one of their own...

• a top-notch children’s novel that transports the reader to a fascinating realm, while – like all the best of its genre – capturing the essential eternal themes and childhood anxieties in stunning words and pictures

Winner of the Rattenfänger Literary Award 2016:
The jury of the Rattenfaenger-Literaturpreis 2016 have unanimously voted for the fantastic-poetical and wonderfully designed children’s book FRIENDS OF THE NIGHT by Matthias Morgenroth and Regina Kehn. In their book, they tell a kind of summer night’s dream. It is midsummer; Lea and Jojo sneak out of the house to spend the shortest night of the year in the woods. There they encounter fantastical creatures who lure the children into their world. Both the text and the pictures tell us a mysterious, tender and enchanted story. The jury was enthusiastic about the dramaturgically design of the book: the pages, starting out in white as usual become darker and darker until in the middle of the novel the reader and the main characters are immersed in total blackness, only to arrive back in the light bit by bit.

160 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76116-1

Rights sold: PR China
About the author
Portrait des Autors Matthias Morgenroth

Matthias Morgenroth

Matthias Morgenroth, born in 1972, studied German and Protestant theology. He works as a journalist for the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as writing and illustrating books for children. Morgenroth lives with his family in Munich.
About the illustrator
Portrait des Autors Regina Kehn

Regina Kehn

Regina Kehn was born in 1962. She works as a freelance illustrator for magazines and publishers of children’s books. This in-demand artist lives on the outskirts of Hamburg with her husband and two daughters.
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