Coverbild Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School von Meike Haas, ISBN-978-3-423-76028-7

Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School

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Ten-year-old Liselotte is eager, cheerful and a little bit cheeky sometimes. One sunny morning she looks out of her classroom window – and can’t believe her eyes. There’s a flying dog out there! It is young witch Coxi Flederwisch, who has transformed to look for her security blanket. She left it behind 523 years ago when she moved to the magical world of Kalexico – and hasn’t been able to sleep properly without it since.

Of course Liselotte helps the little witch! But it also goes without saying that this involves all sorts of confusion and upheaval… This is going to be the craziest day EVER at her primary school.

Press acclaim for Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School

“Quick-witted humour, tongue-in-cheek charm and a spark of magic guarantee readers great entertainment sure to put a smile on their faces. They’ll enjoy Coxi Flederwisch’s company for hours on end.”

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120 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76028-7
About the author
Portrait des Autors Meike Haas

Meike Haas

Meike Haas, born in 1970, studied German, philosophy and book and media sciences. She worked for various newspapers including DIE ZEIT and the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG. She is now full-time author .
About the illustrator

Günther Jakobs

Günther Jakobs was born in 1978, studied illustration and design at the Munster School of Design, and still lives in Munster.

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