Coverbild The Wild Little Ones - The Carol Singing von Meyer/Lehmann/Schulze, ISBN-978-3-941411-11-1

The Wild Little Ones - The Carol Singing

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You have to do even more good deeds than ever during Advent, Santa said. And the kindergarten teachers have an idea: they’ll all go to the retirement home and sing Christmas carols. Johannes knows his way around the home already because his mummy works there. He knows where the candy grandpa lives, for one thing…

Of course the carol singing doesn’t go quite according to plan. It’s not just the visit to candy grandpa that holds things up. They also meet dear old grandma Weinmann in the lift, and she absolutely has to get to the bus stop. Selin does a good deed and keeps her company on the way. After various search parties, old and young sing beautiful Christmas songs together, and Anton has plenty to tell his mummy as usual that evening.

Two generations meet up at Christmas – as only the Wild Kids can.

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32 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-11-1

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About the author


Meyer / Lehmann / Schulze – it goes without saying these aren’t their real names. They prefer not to divulge their true identities. All we can tell you is this: Mr Meyer was once involved with children’s theatre; Mrs Lehmann has a great sense of humour and lives in central Berlin with two wild little ones of her own; Mrs Schulze is getting a bit long in the tooth, but after all her years teaching in kindergarten there is not much she doesn’t know about kids and their wild and wicked ways!
About the illustrator

Susanne Göhlich

Susanne Göhlich, born in 1972, is a freelance illustrator. She took up drawing while studying history of art in Leipzig, and has never put down her pencil since, producing illustrations for posters, textbooks and children’s fiction.
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