Coverbild A Clean Death von , ISBN-978-3-423-13378-4
Michael Kleeberg

A Clean Death

Johann Ritter came to Berlin intending to acquire plenty of money, a large flat and a sports car, all within a year. In his opinion there were only two ways to go about it: either you sold drugs, or yourself. He was prepared to do both.

»The book is bursting with life, even if it is a kind of morbid, sub-human species on the fringes of society … In part brutally frank, eye-wateringly real, very close-knit narrative.« Tagesspiegel

»From the promising beginning to the unexpected punch-line ending, this remarkable novel has you hooked… Like many others of his generation, Johannes Ritter blunders through life without any sense of direction despite his streetwise attitude. Convinced of the futility of growing up and always seeking new experiences that will have more than a temporary fascination; at once needy and oblivious « Süddeutsche Zeitung
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-13378-4
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