Coverbild Barefoot von Michael Kleeberg, ISBN-978-3-423-12357-0


A novella
Arthur K., the 30-year-old co-owner of a Paris advertising agency, discovers an online offer for a sado-masochistic erotic service. To his own amazement and against his inclinations, he takes up the contact. The successful young man, happily married, his wife pregnant, his life carefully planned, enters a password that reminds him of a woman he loved, unforgotten and irreplaceable. He finds himself walking in his business suit, barefoot, toward his first encounter with 'the gentleman'. While he believes at first that this will be an isolated adventure of which he will have full control, his meetings with Daniel, 'the gentleman', develop their own logic, an inexorable vortex (K. is eventually crucified by Daniel and finds his last sexual fulfillment in death).

Michael Kleeberg writes about the intrusion of chaos and death into the seemingly perfect order of life, about the effort to safeguard one's identity and the lustful feeling of losing it. Full of minute variations, but in accurate detail and a floating yet restrained style, he develops his theme. A text full of beauty and radicalism.
150 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-12357-0

Rights sold: France (HC + Paperback), Arabic Language
About the author

Michael Kleeberg

Michael Kleeberg, grew up in Böblingen and Hamburg. He lived in Rome and Amsterdam, and, from 1986 to 1994 was co-owner of an advertising agency in Paris. Today, he lives in Berlin, writing and translating from French and English.
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