Coverbild The Communist of Montmartre von Michael Kleeberg, ISBN-978-3-423-12938-1

The Communist of Montmartre

and other stories
"All the world is a stage, and everyone plays his role. I don’t care what the play is called, as long as I’m in the limelight." This may not be quite the right attitude for a fervent Parisian communist to don at a peace festival in Moscow, but the Party has to grin and bear it. Nevertheless, the alleged representative of an ethnic minority suffering ''oppression at the hands of French imperialism'' manages to learn the appropriate political vocabulary by heart - as though it were the text of a play - and ends up causing an unexpected sensation ... In these fifteen stories, presenting a critique of contemporary issues, Michael Kleeberg shows people coming to terms with a whole variety of situations and proves himself to be an acute observer of social mores with a superb sense of style.
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-12938-1

Rights sold: France, Greece
About the author

Michael Kleeberg

Michael Kleeberg, grew up in Böblingen and Hamburg. He lived in Rome and Amsterdam, and, from 1986 to 1994 was co-owner of an advertising agency in Paris. Today, he lives in Berlin, writing and translating from French and English.
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