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Civil Courage

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Civil courage is a virtue that enjoys high regard – yet it frequently has calamitous consequences. The appeal on the part of politicians, the police, society, teachers and pedagogues that we ought to demonstrate a higher degree of civil courage is tantamount to an incitement to risk life and limb: the list of victims of civil courage is growing by the minute. Since the advent of the nation state, it has been the duty of the state to protect its citizens. This is a key responsibility which it can’t simply delegate to them. It is apparent that decision-makers seem to have lost their way in this era of major upheaval and fundamental change – a clear indication of the impending collapse of civilised society.

Press acclaim for World Peace
Offering us abundant food for thought, Wolffsohn addresses topical issues and proposes concrete suggestions for their resolution.

A thought-provoking book by an intelligent political thinker
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96 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34885-0
About the author
Portrait des Autors Michael Wolffsohn

Michael Wolffsohn

Micheal Wolffsohn was born in Tel Aviv to German-Jewish parents who fled to Palestine in 1939. His family returned to Germany in 1954, and Wolffsohn was Professor of Contemporary History at the Munich Bundeswehruniversität from 1981 until 2012.
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