Coverbild Au Pair Grannies Take on the World von , ISBN-978-3-423-26007-7
Michaela Hansen| Eva Goris

Au Pair Grannies Take on the World

The children have left home, retirement has come and gone, so what now? A trip abroad is a great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new things: a chance for fresh ideas to take root. When she founded the Granny Au-Pair agency, Michaela Hansen created a platform for international cultural exchange. Her initiative places women in guest families worldwide, and those in charge of all manner of social projects also like to take advantage of the older generation’s life experience.

This book is a collection of the most interesting case studies and also lets psychologists and social researchers have their say. It includes a section containing advice for women who may be considering taking part in the project themselves. But the book is also a perfect read for women who enjoy experiencing the lives of others more vicariously and just want to travel the big wide world without leaving their home comforts behind.

220 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26007-7
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