Coverbild I Know That! von Moni Port, ISBN-978-3-941411-10-4

I Know That!

Small children are interested in everything. Even the tiniest things. Even things that adults tend to find unimportant – or disgusting. Or even dangerous. The book artist Moni Port cleverly takes on this very special perspective. Her book of things is a wonderfully carefree compendium of everyday objects, seen through the eyes of a two-year-old.

Every toddler will recognise familiar things from their exciting everyday lives, from a diaper to a puddle to a glass of milk, accidentally tipped over. The brief captions in dialogue form lead directly into conversation with young ‘readers’.

Witty, carefree and absolutely close to life: all the everyday objects making up the exciting lives of people under 100 (centimetres).

24 pages, Age 2 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-10-4

Rights sold: The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Brazil
About the author

Moni Port

Moni Port, born in 1968, trained as a bookseller and went on to study communication design in Mainz. She is now an illustrator and book cover designer and lives with her family in Frankfurt.
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