Coverbild The Little Monster Makes a New Friend von Moni Port, ISBN-978-3-95470-118-6

The Little Monster Makes a New Friend

What’s all this sudden clattering in his room? The Little Monster is curious. Although his monster-mother expressly urged caution, he desperately wants to find out who’s making such a racket in the middle of the night. It turns out to be a new room-mate - a hamster by the name of Specki. The Little Monster is delighted: it’ll be great to have a night-time friend. He persuades the fearful Specki to embark on a tour of discovery with him - which ends once again in wonderfully exhilarating chaos. And poses plenty of questions for mothers!

  • a new bedtime story with Moni Port’s popular and endearing Little Monster

  • overcoming fears, finding friends and food, the lure of the forbidden—and all the fun of creating chaos

24 pages, Age 2 and up, ISBN 978-3-95470-118-6
About the author

Moni Port

Moni Port, born in 1968, trained as a bookseller and went on to study communication design in Mainz. She is now an illustrator and book cover designer and lives with her family in Frankfurt.
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