Coverbild Cooking For A Baby von Monika Arndt, ISBN-978-3-423-36187-3

Cooking For A Baby

Healthy nutrition from birth up to 18 months
The baby is crying; it is hungry. Most parents would pop open a jar of pureed fruits or vegetables, since the many producers of canned baby food seem to have snatched the task of cooking from new parents' hands. But the number of mothers and fathers who wish to cook their own fresh baby food is increasing again. Monika Arndt uses personal experience to offer guidance on buying the right ingredients, cooking the baby food gently, and preserving it properly.

Elementary questions about nutrition are answered, based on the latest scientific findings: How do you avoid allergies? Should your baby have milk, meat, and eggs? How can you keep your baby's teeth healthy? What can your baby eat on vacation? What are the right drinks for your baby and its teeth? What do you do when your baby refuses to eat?
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-36187-3

Rights sold: Romania, Czech Republic
About the author

Monika Arndt

Monika Arndt works as a free editor and writer.

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