Coverbild From Eden To The Lion's Den von , ISBN-978-3-941411-08-1
Monika Osberghaus

From Eden To The Lion's Den

Stories of God and his dominion

With colour illustrations by Katja Zwirnmann

A selection of phenomenal Biblical tales

This book is a selection of the most awe-inspiring stories from the Bible, bringing the vivid, spectacular drama of these tales to life. Adam and Eve’s expulsion from paradise; Cain’s slaying of his brother; the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt; Daniel’s night spent in the lion’s den: the leading player in all these stories is a capricious, unpredictable God that children, in all likelihood, won’t have encountered before. The stark lines of Katja Zwirnmann’s illustrations brilliantly capture the inescapable intensity of these ancient myths.

96 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-08-1
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