Coverbild From Eden To The Lion's Den von Monika Osberghaus, ISBN-978-3-941411-08-1

From Eden To The Lion's Den

Stories of God and his dominion

With colour illustrations by Katja Zwirnmann

A selection of phenomenal Biblical tales

This book is a selection of the most awe-inspiring stories from the Bible, bringing the vivid, spectacular drama of these tales to life. Adam and Eve’s expulsion from paradise; Cain’s slaying of his brother; the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt; Daniel’s night spent in the lion’s den: the leading player in all these stories is a capricious, unpredictable God that children, in all likelihood, won’t have encountered before. The stark lines of Katja Zwirnmann’s illustrations brilliantly capture the inescapable intensity of these ancient myths.

96 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-08-1
About the author
Portrait des Autors Monika Osberghaus

Monika Osberghaus

Monika Osberghaus, born in 1962, lives in Leipzig with her husband and son. She worked as a bookseller and studied children’s literature before taking charge of the children’s books section of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". She is now the publisher of Klett Kinderbuch.
About the illustrator

Katja Zwirnmann

Katja Zwirnmann was born in 1973. She studied at the Leipzig School of Visual Arts and lives with her son in Leipzig.

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