Coverbild Charlie And The Diamond Thief von Nina Petrick, ISBN-978-3-423-71363-4

Charlie And The Diamond Thief

Charlie can’t believe her luck! She’s going to New York with Hanna and her parents for three weeks to visit Hanna’s Aunt Ruth. Ruth, a photographer, lives in central Manhattan with her two children and Lin, their Chinese nanny. But what starts out as an enjoyable metropolitan sojourn takes an unfortunate twist when Ruth is involved in a collision with a skater. She is badly injured and has no memory of what happened, but a witness gives evidence that points the finger of suspicion at Lin, of all people. Ruth’s daughter Nelli is indignant – she is sure her nanny wouldn’t hurt a fly. But when Ruth’s valuable diamond bracelet goes missing – and the only three people who knew where it was kept are Lin, Ruth, and Nelli – Lin’s innocence is called even further into question…

Charlie’s 2nd case – an urban adventure set in New York full of non-stop excitement, with a touch of authentic English to help you get by in the Big Apple.

176 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71363-4
About the author
Portrait des Autors Nina Petrick

Nina Petrick

Nina Petrick was born in 1965 and studied German and History of Art. She lives in Berlin and works as a freelance author. Her novel for young people ›The Raindrinker‹ was awarded the City of Weinheim Härtling Prize For Children’s and Young People’s Literature.

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