Coverbild Save the Eagle Owl! von Nina Rauprich, ISBN-978-3-423-70129-7

Save the Eagle Owl!

Tom and Jette are rather disappointed: instead of going to the seaside, they’ll be spending their summer holiday with their grandfather. Yet the holiday turns out to be anything but boring. An eagle owl gets trapped in Grandpa’s barbed wire fence. But these nocturnal birds were thought to have been hunted to extinction fifty years ago! Tom and Jette watch in wide-eyed amazement as the wounded owl is nursed back to health by a student from an environmental organization. But the baby birds still in the nest remain in danger …
144 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-70129-7

Rights sold: South Korea
About the author
Portrait des Autors Nina Rauprich

Nina Rauprich

Nina Rauprich was born in 1938 in Bielefeld. After completing her secondary education, she went on to study agriculture and horticulture at college. Then she went to Berlin and attended the famous drama school, Max-Reinhardt-Seminar. She appeared in various theatres and on television. It was not until 1978, after her marriage and the birth of three children, that she started writing books for children and young people. Her books, which frequently focus on social and ecological issues, have won several awards and have been translated into many languages.

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