Coverbild What Ida Says von Odile Kennel, ISBN-978-3-423-24896-9

What Ida Says

Louise was born and raised in Normandy, but now lives in Berlin. One day, quite by chance at a family funeral in Normandy, she meets a distant cousin – Ida – for the first time, and discovers a dark family secret. Ida and Louise’s mother Paulette were close friends and confidantes. During the German occupation of France, Paulette’s passionate affair with Franz, a German soldier, caused a scandal. It was Ida who provided Paulette and Franz with an alibi to cover their secret trysts. Now Louise suspects that there are many more secrets locked away in Ida’s past.

With sensuous language rich in imagery, Odile Kennel’s novel describes a Franco-German family history recounted from the perspective of three women. A story of friendship and betrayal, of things forgotten, hidden and withheld, set against a background of momentous events.

About the author
Portrait des Autors Odile Kennel

Odile Kennel

Odile Kennel was born in 1967 in Bühl near Baden-Baden and grew up bilingual in German and French. She studied Cultural and Political Science, as well as Cultural Management. She has lived in Berlin since 1999, where she worked as a cultural manager for a while. She is now a freelance translator and author. In 2011, Odile Kennel was awarded the Alfred Döblin Grant for her work "Was Ida sagt".

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