Coverbild Big Kids von Oggi Enderlein, ISBN-978-3-423-36220-7

Big Kids

The exciting years between 7 and 13

The years between 7 and 13 seem to be a rather unremarkable period in life. However, for many people those days will later be regarded as the most thrilling, exciting and mysterious. And those who had such an exciting childhood in the best sense of the word will often be particularly open-minded, resolute, humerous and confident as adults.

This book offers well-structured and useful guidance for the so-called latency period, the years from the first days at school to puberty, looking both at general development as well as the individual years with their respective peculiarities.

288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-36220-7
About the author

Oggi Enderlein

Oggi Enderlein, born in 1947 in Bogotá/Colombia, has a degree in psychology. Working for many years with children with behavior disorders, she is now working free-lance as supervisor and lecturer at colleges and in adult education.
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